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Our history

Let us introduce ourselves, we are Eloise and Cristian Fusetti. We met in 2012 when Cristian started working in Ascona and where Eloise was already working.

Immediately we hit it off, and from there we found a common path in life. In 2017 we become, as we like to call ourselves, I Fusetti–a new beginning!

Exactly one year after our wedding we decided to throw ourselves into a whole new adventure, a personal challenge and a great challenge as a couple.

The story continues

We decide to realize that dream in the drawer and take over the Hotel San Martino Restaurant in Porto Ronco, a path that has allowed us to grow so much professionally and to be able to express the gastronomy that represents us.

Four years passed, the desire not to stop brings us here to the
“Grotto al Ritrovo dai Fusetti,” where we found a perfect place to give more space to our ideas.