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Pepper val bavona

Three qualities of pepper (red, white, black) ground by hand and expertly mixed with herbs harvested and dried in the mountains of the Bavona Valley

La Farina Bóna

https://www.farinabona.ch/ Bóna flour is a traditional product of the Onsernone Valley (Canton Ticino). It is a flour made from corn (Zea mais), obtained by grinding

Maroggia Mill (polenta and flour)

https://www.mulinomaroggia.ch/it/ Maroggia Mill is a family business established in the late 1800s by founder Michael Stadlin, a descendant of an old family of millers active

Cesare Perozzi Farm

http://www.perozziagri.ch/ The Perozzi company was established in the 1930s through the intiative of Marco Perozzi, primarily focused on cattle breeding. In the 1960s the cultivation

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